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Case examples of automated equipment (Others)
Liquid crystal-related, semiconductor-related,
equipment , etc.

Mishima's digital engineering will provide quick delivery and high quality.

Achieving early local start-up of high-quality automated facilities that meet customers' needs!

Mishima Engineering provides high-quality automation equipment that meets customer needs to solve problems in factory automation, such as automation, labor saving, labor saving, and unmanned production lines.

Solution design and adaptation studies using 3D-CAD data, off-line teaching, and 3D measurement and inspection enable early start-up of high-quality automated equipment.

Case examples of automated equipment (others)

Case example 01Liquid crystal related

Case example 02Semiconductor related

Case example 03General machinery related

Case example 01
Liquid crystal related

PP case packing equipment

Hard case packing equipment

PP case unpacking device

PP case unpacking device

Raw glass unpacking device

Raw glass unpacking device

PDP substrate packaging equipment

Diagonal board packing machine

Tray unpacking device

PDP substrate unpacking device

Oblique stacking board unpacking device

Case example 02
Semiconductor related

IC tray transfer device

Case example 03
General machinery related

Molded product processing robot system

Image Inspection device

Roll stocker