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Hideo Mishima<br />President and Representative Director

Our company was founded in 1916 by my great-grandfather Kamematsu Mishima. Since 1955, we have been involved in the development of industry by expanding
"Our Own Products Business" represented by molds for continuous casting for steel and "Engineering Business" centered on welding systems for automobiles,
with the "Contracting Business" of AGC Corporation and Japan Steel Co., Ltd. at the core. Currently, our business domain covers a wide range of fields, including steel, chemicals, liquid crystals, semiconductors, automobiles, medical care, and space. With advanced technology and engineers, we have grown into a medium-sized company
with 4 overseas locations, 7 domestic group companies, employing approximately 2,700 people.

While the economy is globalizing, the future is uncertain due to irrational market movements centered on funds, instability in the Middle East and other countries,
growth in emerging countries, and trends in oil and resource prices. The automobile industry, which has supported Japan, is entering a once-in-a-century period of change,
and we are now in an era when we must respond to changes in business models, players, and speed.

It is very important for us to respond flexibly to changes, including broadening our international perspective, and will continue to develop our strengths step by step,
and at the same time, we will further deepen the trust of our customers by continuing to take on the challenge of technological development.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

Hideo Mishima
President and Representative Director

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