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Plant engineering

From design, production, electricity, installation work to maintenance, Production and support are carried out through a comprehensive engineering system.

Integrated maintenance, preservation, and maintenance with the operating side

We are aiming for better factory operations by quickly identifying customer needs and utilizing our experience in field and technical capabilities accumulated over the years through in-house collaboration. Currently, we are expanding into new fields combining efficient automatic tabulation systems for DX-compliant production information. We support our customers in terms of equipment for safe and stable operation, productivity improvement, and cost reduction.

Our strength

Mishima Comprehensive Engineering with rich technology and experience

We provide total support through our independent management system, from design and manufacturing to installation work and maintenance.
We make optimal proposals for plant operations.

  • Integrated construction system

    Supporting plant operation and production with integrated construction
  • Support from the planning, conception, and design stages

    Realization of an environment that meets the customers' needs, such as the production and introduction of customer's plant equipment
    and change of existing layout
  • Improvement proposals based on experience

    We support customers' plant operations with on-site capabilities and technical capabilities based on our experience, such as safe and
    stable operation, productivity improvement, and cost reduction.
  • Self-management system

    We carry out equipment construction and daily maintenance (including sensory inspection) from heavy and long to light, thin and short
    and small under our own management system.
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Plant regular maintenance

Plant Engineering 01
Supporting customer plant operations

Chemical plant related

Based on our many years of experience in facility construction for major material manufacturers, we offer a wide range of comprehensive engineering services, including new construction, expansion, repair work, and regular maintenance.

Steel plant related

Utilizing the abundant facility construction technology and maintenance technology cultivated by major steel manufacturers. We provide total support with a consistent construction system that integrates mechanical and electrical equipment, from heavy, long and large to light, thin, short and small.

We support the production lines at plants and further contribute to the improvement of our customers' manufacturing capabilities by utilizing
our comprehensive technological expertise.
Our plant engineering services back up customers' operation with technology and know-how accumulated over many years.

Can manufacturing, piping

  • Maintenance work : Repair of pipe leaks, etc. that occur within the premises, production and replacement of resin pipes, etc.
  • Modification work : Production and installation of additional equipment for improvement purposes, additional racks, etc.
  • Construction work : Iron work for new factories and expansion/enhancement
  • Demolition work : Removal of unnecessary equipment, pipes, etc.
  • Miscellaneous work : Cleaning of clogged pipes in high places, clogged heat exchangers, etc.

Machine maintenance

  • Equipment inspection work : Equipment and facility abnormality detection, preventive maintenance work
  • Failure recovery work : Equipment failure recovery and post failure maintenance work
  • Replacement of expendable parts : Replacement of bearings, gears, and other parts

Plant Engineering 02
Environmental (water treatment) facilities

Helping to return clean water to the earth

Sewage treatment plants are essential to protect the environment of rivers and oceans from the pollution of daily life.
In recent years, revisions to laws and regulations required even more advanced treatment technology, and Mishima Kosan helps return clean water to the earth through maintenance based on our accumulated experience and technology.

We have "construction capabilities" based on our extensive experience, "on-site capabilities" that allows us to respond flexibly and immediately, and design and procure various equipment used in these facilities to meet the various needs of water purification and sewage treatment plants.

  • Business content : Repair, renovation, new construction and expansion of all water treatment facilities

New construction of sewage pump station

Plant Engineering 03
Maintenance designed to extend equipment life and efficiency

Maintenance professionals support operations to ensure stable factory operations.

Daily maintenance of equipment

We contribute to the improvement of our customers' productivity and work efficiency through safe and reliable maintenance
and servicing by taking advantage of Mishima Kosan's strengths cultivated in the manufacturing field.
Many construction and maintenance results for the manufacturing industry, including steel-related facilities, chemical
and building materials-related equipment, etc. We also provide installation work for public environmental facilities, and
other equipments, as well as building-related work and maintenance, with reliable "safety," "construction period," and "quality.

Chemical, building material plant related

Case examples of maintenance

  • Facility construction and maintenance of chemical production lines, synthetic resin plant facilities, building material production line facilities
Plant Main maintenance equipment
Company A Various tanks, various pipes, pumps, instrumentation equipment, electrical tanks, general construction work
Company A Electrolysis tanks, instrumentation, and general construction
Company B Instrumentation, general construction
Company C Various tanks, various pipes, pumps

Steel plant related

Case examples of maintenance

  • Steel-related equipment construction and maintenance/equipment diagnosis
  • Environmental facility construction and maintenance
  • Logistics transportation machinery equipment engineering and maintenance
  • Engineering and maintenance of various industrial machinery and equipment
Plant Case example of Mechanical and electrical maintenance equipment
Company A Automatic gas cutting equipment, cranes, slab surface treatment equipment, slab heat insulation cover, transportation and transportation equipment, finishing equipment, etc.
Company B Maintenance of airmen (compressors and workers in high places) in the Southern Kanto region

Crane monthly maintenance