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Main facility list

Machining and CAD/CAM equipment

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5-axis NC control gate type machining center, etc. (NC machining center) 14 units  
Gate type/Surface grinder 4 units    
Gun drill, NC horizontal boring machine, etc. 10 units  
Die spotting press 1 unit    
3D Measuring instrument layout machine 1 unit    
Articulated 3D measuring instrument Vectoron 4 units    
Deep hole drilling machine (Φ1.0×1,000mm)NEW 1 unit    
Large straightening machine (500 t/300 t) 2 units    
General-purpose machines (milling machines, lathes, cutting machines, etc.) 13 units    
Welding equipment 4 units  
Painting booth 1 unit    
3D/2D CAD/CAM (NX, IronCAD, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, inventor, etc.) 123 units  
3D Analysis simulation (CARROT III, MotoSim, bisFactory, etc.) 8 units  
CAE Analysis (ANSYS/Nastran) 2 units    
Flow analysis simulation (mold flow) 2 units    

Surface treatment facility

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Plating tank (Cr plating, Co plating, Ni plating, etc.) 43 units    
Hard Cr plating equipment 9 units    
Electrolytic Ni plating equipment 10 units    
Electroless Ni plating equipment 1 unit    
Thermal spray equipment (thermal spray robot, blast, etc.) 6 units    
Heat treatment furnace 3 units    
Analysis equipment (ICP emission spectrophotometry, capillary electrophoresis analysis, etc.) 12 units    
General-purpose machine (polishing machine, grinding machine, welding machine, etc.) 18 units    

Molding facility

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Injection molding machine (50t to 850t) 18 units    
3D Measuring devices 3 units    
Inspection test equipment (X-ray analysis, impact test series, MFR test equipment, etc.) 10 units    
Twin screw extruder 3 units    

Ironwork parts and industrial machining facility

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Glass lining equipment (lining furnace, painting, heating furnace, polishing, etc.) 8 units    
Machinery and equipment (shots, cutting machine, binding machine, beveling machine, etc.) 9 units    
Welding equipment (TIG, MAG, MIG, CO2, etc.) 28 units    
General-purpose machines, etc. (ultrasonic measurement, painting booth, milling machine, lathe, etc.) 13 units    

Facilities in the steelmaking premises

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Plasma cutting machine 15 units    
Welding robot 5 pieces    
General-purpose machining equipment (milling machines, cutting machines, polishing machines, grinding machines, etc.) 36 units    
Welding equipment (arc, TIG, MIG, etc.) 14 units    

Updated May 2023