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IC tray

Provides ONE-STOP Service related to IC tray (Semiconductor carrier tray).
We provide a one-stop supply service from resin composite pellet production
to tray product design, tray mold manufacturing, and tray molding in Japan
and overseas.

ISO9001 certified in 1996

ISO14001 certified in 2004


Manufacturing for a dreamy tomorrow,
bringing the smart Mishima brand more to the world!

Our IC tray business has developed from mold tooling technology. We respond to our customers' various specifications and requests with our advanced technology. Our combined monthly production capacity in Japan and overseas is 2 million pc/month, giving us the No. 1 market share in Japan at over 40%.

What is an IC tray (Semiconductor carrier tray)?

Semiconductors are used in all kinds of products, including cars and mobile devices. This IC tray is used in the transport and heat treatment of this semiconductor manufacturing process.

One-stop supply of high-performance, high-quality products through precision molding technology

In order to maximize the use and characteristics of the products requested by our customers, we provide a full range of services from material manufacturing, product design, mold design, mold manufacturing, and molding product manufacturing.

In product design, we perform optimal structural analysis and design, such as "design using 3D CAD" and "shape optimization proposal by flow analysis", to realize cost reduction through weight reduction and stability of "warpage and dimension" of products.

We also assist customers with quick development, including prototype requests.

IC tray production flow

Requests and orders from customers
Strengths of Mishima Kosan

Contribution to reduction of environmental load and realization of cost reduction!

Development and production of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) using thermoplastic resin.

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Shipment (Delivery to customers in Japan and overseas)

Establishment of an "integrated production system" that carries out all processes in-house

1. Development and production of resin composite pellets

In-house production controls the quality of resin composite pellets, the molding material for IC trays.

Customization according to customer requirements and consideration of resin composite pellet development according to needs are also possible.

We develop and produce resin composite material pellets filled with carbon black and carbon fiber based on thermoplastic resins ranging from general-purpose plastics to engineering plastics.
We can also select resins and fillers according to customers' requirements and study the development of resin composite pellets.

Resin composite pellets for trays

Resin Usage
PPE + CP General heat-resistant tray
PC + CP Trays requiring good appearance
PSU + CF Trays requiring rigidity/CP drop prevention


Purpose Screw Japan (unit) China (unit)
Shaft Diameter (mm)
For production single axis 110mm 1
biaxial 58mm 2 1
For development biaxial 30mm 1

Twin screw extruder

Resin composite pellet

Twin-screw kneading extruder for development

Contribution to reduction of environmental load and realization of cost reduction!

Development and production of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) using thermoplastic resin.

  • Sliding parts
  • Antistatic parts
  • Electromagnetic wave shield parts

Product name

  • FILFORCE (Trademark Registration No. 6537792)
  • Philforce (trademark registration: No. 6537793)

Compared to PA6/GF30, PA6/CF20 has equal or higher strength and lower specific gravity.

tensile strength

specific gravity

2. Mold design and flow analysis

We design and manufacture high-quality IC tray molds based on mold design and analysis technology cultivated over 30 years.

Product design

IC tray resin flow analysis

Machining center

Machining center

Die-sinker EDM

Injection mold

3. Injection molding

One by one production line from molding to annealing (heat treatment)

We have injection molding machines ranging from 50t to 350t in Japan and 180t to 250t in China. Utilizing the know-how we have cultivated over the years to our molding technology to build highly accurate, stable, and productive production lines to meet the needs of our customers.

Number of injection molding machines owned

Clamping force (t) Japan (unit) China (unit)
350 1
280 1
250 4 1
230 5 7
225 1
220 3 2
180 1 2
50 1
Total units 17 12

Plastic injection machine

Automatic warp measuring instrument

4. Measurement/Appearance inspection

Environment-friendly "manufacturing" with a perfect quality control system

The control center is located in Japan, and the products from the Chinese factory are also subject to a thorough quality control system.

In order to meet the demands of environmentally friendly customers, we are fully equipped with measurement devices and conduct surveys
on environment-related materials.
In particular, we use fluorescent X-ray analyzer to inspect environmentally hazardous substances, and we can also inspect each material lot
and lot of molded products.

X-ray fluorescence analyzer

3D Measuring instrument (non-contact type)

Differential thermal / Thermogravimetric simultaneous measurement device

Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer


3D Scanner

Main product

Raw materials for IC trays
(resin composite pellets)

IC tray mold

IC tray

Major Customers, Domestic locations, and Overseas locations

Major customers

  • Renesas Electronics Corporation
  • Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
  • Amkor Technology Japan Co., Ltd.
  • other

Domestic locations, overseas locations

Domestic locations

Sales locations

  • Tokyo Sales Office
    7F No.2 Toyo Building, 2-1-21 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027
    TEL : +81-3-3548-0551 FAX : +81-3-3273-1957

Production sites

Overseas location

Sales locations

Production sites

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