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Our own products

This is an original brand business that utilizes our technology
to meet all of our customers' needs.
Contributing to solving customer problems through accumulating technology and new development,
we propose high value-added products.

We meet all your needs
Three technologies and strengths


Continuous casting mold/Mold

We design, manufacture, and maintain the mold, which is the heart of the continuous casting process, and peripheral equipment. Mishima's original (patented) molds meet the needs of our customers as the top manufacturer in the industry with the highest level of manufacturing technology.

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From order receipt to delivery, we respond to customer needs with thorough quality control and advanced technology.
We consistently manufacture large rolls with a diameter of 1.5m and long rolls exceeding 8m.

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IC tray (Semiconductor carrier tray)

From conductive composite materials, we provide one-stop supply of product design, mold manufacturing, and tray molding related to IC tray (semiconductor carrier tray) in Japan and overseas.

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