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Plant engineering case examples

From design, production, electricity, installation work to maintenance, Production and support are carried out through a comprehensive engineering system.

Case examples of plant engineering

Case example 01Chemical plant related

Case example 02Environmental (water treatment) facility related

Case example 03Can manufacturing, vendor related

Case example 04Case examples of maintenance

Case example 01
Chemical plant related

FRP piping work

FRP cylindrical rigid tank construction

Case example 02
Environmental (water treatment) facility related

Tank cover, odor duct, agitator

Inside the tank stirrer

Conveyor equipment design, production, installation work

Dust remover design, production, installation work

Industrial water pipe modification work

Case example 03
Can manufacturing, vendor related

Can manufacturing, vendor products

Dehydrator inspection gallery

Safety fence (movable door)

Valve inspection deck

Mist catcher anchor gauge

Removal work related

Chimney removal work

Coil stand removal work

Case example 04

Chemical, building material plant related

Steel plant related

Crane travel wheel replacement

Conveyor table maintenance

Crane monthly maintenance

Compressor maintenance

Environmental (water treatment) equipment related

Motor overhaul

Ventilation fan Repair work at water treatment facility