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Large surface treatment

We have a wide range of surface treatment technologies such as electroforming, plating, and thermal spraying that can handle upsizing with cutting-edge coating technology.

Molds used under severe conditions will suffer damage specific to each part.
We can provide detailed examination of copper plates after use, and propose the selection of coating materials and design that best suits each customer's needs, thereby extending the life of the molds.

Large surface treatment

Point01Wide variety of coatings for various applications

Wide variety of coatings for various applications

Propose the best coating

We propose the optimum coating for continuous casting mold surfaces using large-scale electroforming and thermal spraying equipment.

Plating (electroforming) Ni, Ni alloy, CoNi alloy, Cu, Cr
Thermal spray NiCr alloy, cermet
Electroless plating Ni

Owned equipment information

Electroforming equipment

Type Number of tanks Plating tank maximum size
length width height
Co-based plating bath 11 tanks 3,400 610 1,820
Ni-based plating bath 8 tanks 3,400 610 1,740
Cu plating tank 1 tank 3,300 625 1,440
Cr plating bath 4 tanks 3,800 690 1,500

Thermal spray equipment

Type Number of facilities
JP-5000HVOF 2 units
TASNAC-XRC-UP130 2 units

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