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Basic purchasing policy

Basic purchasing policy

1. Basic purchasing policy

(1) Open & Fair Trade
We strive to conduct free, fair and transparent transactions with all business partners.
(2) Compliance with relevant laws and regulations and consideration for the environment
We comply with laws and regulations, social norms, and internal rules, and carry out purchasing activities that are safe and considerate of the global environment.
(3) Partnerships with business partners
We aim to establish mutually prosperous business relationships with our suppliers as good partners who work together to create better products from a long-term perspective. To this end, we emphasize close communication with our suppliers and strive to build stronger relationships of trust.
(4) Appropriate management of confidential information and intellectual property of our business partners
We will properly manage and protect the confidential information and intellectual property of our suppliers in the course of our purchasing activities.

2. Supplier selection policy

Our basic policy for evaluation and selection of business partners is as follows.
(1) Sound management, stable supply and quick response.
(2) The quality, price, delivery date, and technical service level of materials and services provided are appropriate.

3. Requests to business partners

Mishima Kosan is committed to fulfilling its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) based on the Corporate Philosophy, corporate/employee action guidelines, and we believe that the promotion of CSR by our business partners is indispensable to this end.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. The following are some of Mishima Kosan's initiatives that are closely related to our business partners.

(1) Compliance with laws and regulations, fair trade, and emphasis on providing quality products and services that are safe and environmentally sound.
(2) Appropriate information management and intellectual property management.
(3) Commitment to environmental preservation and security/disaster prevention.
(4) Ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
(5) Exclusion of antisocial forces.

Contents of recruiting new business partners

Currently, the Purchasing Group of the Business Support Department is collecting information on domestic and overseas business partners with superior technological capabilities and cost competitiveness. We would like to request PR for competitive suppliers that meet the aforementioned "Supplier Selection Policy". Please send your contact information by e-mail to the address below. After consideration by the Purchasing Group of the Business Support Department, the person in charge will contact you.

E-mail: koubai@mishimakosan.com

The following are the items covered during the inquiry.

  • Steelmaking machinery and equipment
  • Automobile manufacturing equipment
  • FPD glass manufacturing equipment
  • Tower and tank equipment for chemical plants
  • Mold related
  • Temporary staffing

About business partner consultation service

  • Our basic purchasing policy is fair, equitable, and open transactions, and sincere responses.
  • This is a standard of conduct that all employees, including those in the purchasing and manufacturing departments who have direct contact
    with our business partners, must comply with.
  • We will strictly adhere to these standards by ourselves, but if our business partners believe that this basic policy is not being followed for some reason,
    please contact us in the following manner. Please contact the business partner consultation service.
  • All communications will be handled in strictest confidence and handled by the responsible party. You will not receive any unfair or prejudicial
    treatment as a result of this contact.

Flow of contact

  • Please be as specific as possible and point out when, where, who and what the problem was.
  • Contact method Please contact us in a sealed letter (confidential) below for confidentiality.
  • Contact information
    • Sealed letter (confidential)
      Address: 2-1-15 Edamitsu, Yahata-Higashi-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka 805-8503 To: Business Partner Consultation Service
    • E-mail