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Process contract
Process contract at
Chemical plant

We provide a wide range of materials and solutions globally with
our comprehensive technical capabilities.

Responsible for work directly related to the manufacture of chemical products at the Chiba Plant and Kashima Plant of AGC Inc. (AGC). In addition, we contribute to the stable operation of chemical plants by renewing, repairing, and maintaining plant equipment.

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Case example 01Chemicals related

Chemical plant process contract locations and the number of our employees

There are two locations for chemical plant process contract, the AGC Chiba and the Kashima Plant, where about 790 employees are working.

We have received high praise for our many initiatives as a business partner.

Received many AGC “Supplier Awards President’s Awards”!

Each year, the President's Award is presented to a cooperating company that has made a significant contribution to AGC's business among the hundreds of AGC's business partners. Mishima has received the award five times, and
it is a great honor for the company to be recognized for its comprehensive efforts in cooperation with AGC.

AGC Co., Ltd. President Award History

  • 1981 System inauguration first commendation (Chiba Department)
  • 1982 Kashima Department
  • 1984 Former Kitakyushu Division
  • 2009 Chemical Works Headquarters
  • 2015 Chemical Works Headquarters

Chiba Department received the "AGC Group CEO Award"!

At the 2019 AGC Group CEO Awards, two teams from the Chiba Department, to which our employees also belong, were awarded the AGC Group CEO Awards (annual awards for outstanding initiatives from the activities
of the entire AGC Group, including those overseas).

Initiatives for DX (Digital Transformation)

The Mishima Kosan Group cooperates and proactively works to improve information systemization, such as automatically connecting various data
in the manufacturing process to the factory system, and has received high praise from customers.

Case example 01
Chemicals related

Chiba DepartmentKashima Department

We support all operations on the production line.

Target business department

Chiba Department : Chemical product manufacturing/processing and shipment of fluorocarbon resin and fluorine film products

Kashima Department : Chemical product manufacturing/ fluorocarbon resin, urethane product manufacturing line

AGC's fluorocarbon resin film "FFLEX®", which is handled
by the Chiba Department, is used for the entire surface of the football stadium "Allianz Arena" in Munich, Germany, which is one of the world's largest membrane structures.

Acceptance of raw materials and supplies
Raw material input/Mixing

We receive raw materials necessary for production and prepare and input raw materials for products according to the customer's production plan.

Manufacturing operation/Manufacturing processing

We are in charge of various manufacturing processes such as manufacturing and processing of fluorocarbon resin, fluorocarbon resin films, and urethane products.

We train operators to contribute to safe, secure, and stable production by providing education on the basic knowledge of chemistry necessary for manufacturing, operation, and processing of chemical plants, as well as on the structure and mechanism of equipment. In addition, we are working with our customers to improve per unit production (activities) and improve productivity using IT.

Chiba Department

Chiba Department



We perform component/physical property analysis and appearance inspection to deliver products that meet quality standards.

Chiba Department

Chiba Department

Product warehousing management
Transportation between processes

Filling/Packing/Product warehousing/Shipping management/Transportation between processes

We fill and pack the products produced at the chemical plant, transport them to the shipping warehouse, and store them.

Kashima Department

Kashima Department

In-house logistics/Shipment

In-house logistics/Shipment

We sort and ship products according to the product type and quantity requested by the customer.

Supports stable operation

In order to ensure stable plant operation, we support the production lines at our customers' plants by making full use of our long-accumulated technology and
know-how, and we also leverage our comprehensive technological strengths to contribute to the improvement of our customers' manufacturing capabilities.
We support the stable operation of the plant as a partner company by updating and repairing facilities, inspecting equipment and facilities, etc.

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Main facility list

Here is a list of the main facilities we own.

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